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Re: More "S-1" foolishness

>Date: Thu, 10 Aug 1995 20:53:58 -0700
>From: Hal <[email protected]>
>The other thing I noticed that really makes me question this is that G1
>only uses 4 of its 8 input bits.  As I wrote, it is equivalent to
>parity(i&0x17).  A bit is a terrible thing to waste, and it is hard to
>imagine why it would do this intentionally.  G1 may not be that important
>an element of the cipher but why throw away four bits?

Not that I say this is real, but...

I can maybe understand throwing out 4 of the bits if G0 picks them up.  G1
is never used alone.

However, has anyone already noted that

	fullkey[INTEGRITY][i][j] = 0x08 ;

for all i and j?

For that matter, fullkey will be a constant for any key with all the bytes
the same.  This might constitute a class of weak keys.

 - Carl