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Re: Nym Server Development....

(I've removed these from this folllow-up: [email protected],
[email protected], [email protected])

At 2:04 AM 8/12/95, Bryan Strawser wrote:
>John Fleming, along with a bit of support help from myself, is developing
>a nym server that he is intending to release to the public once we are
>satisfied with the performance and the state of the code.

What is your working definition of "nym server"?

>At this point and time, John has pushed the code to the point where we
>have am experimental nym server operating that is being constantly
>refined and features added. Along the same lines, I am presently
>working on solid documentation for when the nymserver is ready for
>public use, and for the later public release of the code.
>John created a mailing list for those interesting in contributing to the
>development of his nymserver and as a forum for discussion of nymserver
>related issues.  So far, there have been few folks subscribed, and no
>answer from those that are presently subscribed to the list.  I find
>this rather disappointing.

Maye there's little interest because I can't find any threads that discuss
just what a "nym server" is. I can make some guesses as to what _I_ might
call a nym server, but there are some important issues (of who keeps the
records, and why a nym server is better than just using unforgeable sigs,
etc.) that need discussing.

>that are running today.  Just like the other types of anonymity out
>there, a nymserver has many viable reasons for existance.  The lack of
>publically available code for such a server, as there is for remailers,
>should motivate us to get behind John and his efforts.

Why should we get behind an effort that has not been spelled out or
discussed here? Maybe I'm missing the debate in the groups I deleted (see
above), but I really don't know what it's about.

>To subscribe to the nymserver development & discussion forum, send
>a message to [email protected] with the line "subscribe nyms
><your name>" in the body of the message.  Questions about the
>nymserver should be directed to that list so that all can be involved
>in the development.

Sorry, Bryan, but I don't typically join mailing lists so I can find out
what the subject of a mailing list is! :-}

Describe for us what you have in mind for "nym servers" and why they are
important, then maybe more folks will get involved.

--Tim May

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