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In a previous message, Timothy C. May said...
> What is your working definition of "nym server"?

There have been discussions concernign this before both on here
and other mailing lists, such as remailer-operators.  A nym
server is an operation similar to anon.penet.fi, but more secure.  Sameer
has two of these operating now that uses PGP encrypted reply blocks
and such.  [omega.c2.org and alpha.c2.org, both of which use different
operating methods] 

What John is attempting to do is have a nymserver like anon.penet.fi,
where folks can create an alias and send/recieve mail/postings to it.  
However, unlike Julf's system, a secure nymserver would prevent the owner 
from being able to divulge who the real-life person is behind the
alias because of the PGP encrypted reply block and other options


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