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Re: PRZ encrypted voice software release imminent

At 15:59 8/11/95, Steve Bryan wrote:
>Even without PGPFone I have thought for a while that computer based
>telephony is getting ready to take off. Combining CallerID, customized
>call handling, high quality speakerphone capability and a truly useful
>personal directory (TouchBase Pro is too sluggish, but getting there)
>there were already the ingredients of substantive usefulness. If you can
>add in street maps fetched with an AppleEvent or even a QTVR enhanced map
>then you get something that might make even an AT&T ad envious. Adding
>complete privacy (relative to previous levels available) and possibly
>authentication makes this a very big event.

You will, and the company that will bring it to you...won't be AT&T.

-- Lucky Green <mailto:[email protected]>
   PGP encrypted mail preferred.