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Re: IPSEC goes to RFC

[email protected] said:
> I'd like to also volunteer to do the linux port, whether it be 
> coordination patches, hacking code, finding people, whatever.

> Also, if other cypherpunk subscribers feel that this topic is 
> inappropriate for the list (not likely) or that it would generate too 
> much traffic for the list (?) I can create a new majordomo list 
> dedicated to the effort in 10 minutes.

The detailed discussions of planning such a port probably are inappropriate 
for cypherpunks.  Lord knows we need to conserve space for Foster conspiracy 

I think a seperate list might not be a bad idea.  Either on your server or on 
something like vger.rutgers.edu, which is pretty much the linux mailing center 
of the universe right now. :-)

We should probably also check on comp.os.linux.networking and [email protected] to make sure someone isn't already working on this.

The ideal author would be outside the US, since the patches would need to be mailed to Linus for inclusion in the kernel, and that brings up some interesting ITAR issues.