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Re: Nym server development....

This seems as good a time as any to forward the full text of this to the
list. At worst, Alpha is a solid proof-of-concept of a possible "nym server"
model. IMHO it's actually much better than that.

I strongly recommend reading the below before asking basic questions about 
the workings of Alpha....

-Futplex <[email protected]>

Forwarded message:
> Date: Sat, 12 Aug 1995 04:41:01 -0700
> X-Last-Updated-Date: Jan 9 1995
> From: [email protected] (Automated reply)
> Subject: Info on anonymous account service @alpha.c2.org
> Reply-To: [email protected]
> This mail message was sent automatically in response to the message you
> sent to [email protected]
> This system allows you to create a pseudonymous address of the format
> [email protected]  For security, all messages are encrypted with PGP.
> To create a mail alias, first create an encrypted reply-block for a
> cypherpunk-style remailer.  An encrypted reply block is a message
> encrypted with a remailer's PGP public key, which will be sent to
> your address, or to an address where you can receive messages.
> To create a reply block, you would create a message for a remailer that
> goes back to you:
>  ::
>  Request-Remailing-To: [email protected]
> Then you would encrypt that with a remailer's public key, and prepend
> the necessary Encrypted: PGP header.  When this message is received by
> a remailer, it would decrypt it and send it to you.  It would also send
> you any text appended to the end (outside the PGP wrapper).  Thus, using
> a reply block, it is possible for people to send you mail without knowing
> your real address.
> Next, choose a pseudonym and a password.  The pseudonym-address may contain
> any alphabetical or numeric characters, or hyphens.  The password may not
> contain any spaces.  Then create a message of the following format:
>  From: [email protected]
>  New-Password: Your_Password
>  Reply-Block:
>  ::
>  Anon-To: [email protected]
>  ::
>  Encrypted: PGP
>  -----BEGIN PGP MESSAGE-----
>  Version: 2.3a
>  hIwC/nqSW1QDQfUBBACknZMV93wFS2CH0orlgslmEm+alhjI1eKwbbTTmeRWC5Rg
>  /S3vZw+95ZuCZfqxKE0XrgZXzOEwfoyBcpVvf9Pb9D19TqEMTmmL/Jpl1xcxmbJ2
>  OGsHpQ/TxpazBCVhdBmPblj5wWvwfG1+ZKpIkQ5hiLJhryQM/TUDarEscs3zdaYA
>  AAB5231aMcQ74AKoDZizABMF3Tw+olV4mm4jVo9cMn2B3Rj2XBFl4pV9VL3h0ZQB
>  cPY/ytBRyZPugr0NpLgjO+q6mEjCcgQrxpYQ+1PvFPdDx1GmJ5ogZqW+AVHsNqAp
>  vRoiG8ZhXs4r3E8liFsNtMMf6CUAsdV2ZoX1Hw==
>  =Bla3
>  -----END PGP MESSAGE-----
> Do not actually indent it; that's just for example purposes.
> Encrypt this with the following public key and mail it to
> [email protected]  Unencrypted mail sent to this address
> will be deleted automatically.  If everything is correct, your
> mail alias will be created, and you will be sent a confirmation.
> If not, there will be no way for the software to reply to you,
> so the message will be deleted.  If you don't receive anything,
> something is wrong, so try again.  Be sure to test the reply
> block first, so that you will know it works!  Also, don't forget
> to include the address of the remailer, and the Encrypted: PGP
> header at the beginning of your reply block.
> Here is the public key:
> Version: 2.6
> KiHsm0+kPNHqBVOufN7FT2iK0Mbuyk+dZgHG6ScicDkImysRkmso7eh5c9mU9V8K
> M0+ImKJyOwgVLEgyRK5e4h2XHpwSTtpx3zZpk4CsexLGCQNXF+ikm236U0rNAAUR
> tCpQc2V1ZG9ueW1vdXMgUmVtYWlsZXIgPGFsaWFzQGFscGhhLmMyLm9yZz4=
> =xmQf
> When mail comes in for your address at alpha.c2.org, it will be
> encrypted with Your_Password, using pgp -cta, appended to the reply
> block and sent to [email protected]  Be sure that you have
> the Encrypted: PGP header, and the address of the next remailer
> it is to be sent to!  All messages are held and sent out in random
> order once an hour.
> If you later wish to change your password, send an encrypted message to
> [email protected] containing a From: line with your nickname, a
> Password: line with your current password, and a New-Password: line
> containing your new password.  If the old password is correct, the
> password will be changed to the new one.  For example:
>  From: Dan_Quayle
>  Password: Bush
>  New-Password: Clinton
> You can also include a new Reply-Block.
> A mail alias can be deleted at any time by setting the password to nothing.
> (Send a password change request with nothing following the 'New-Password:')
> Sending messages
> Once you have created a working address, you can send mail from that address.
> Simply create a message with standard mail headers, and add your password
> in a Password header.
>  From: [email protected] (John Doe)
>  Password: foobar
>  To: [email protected]
>  Subject: hello world
>  This is my message.
> The message would be delivered as shown, minus the Password: header.
> If the password is not correct, the message is discarded.
> Troubleshooting
> Here are some common problems.  If you're having trouble, check the
> following list:
>  - Be sure to use -t option with PGP
>  - Test your reply block and be sure it works!
>  - If you are having trouble creating a certain address, perhaps
>    you already created it, but used the wrong reply block
>    or a different password.
>  - Usenet posts require a Subject: header.
>  - Messages to [email protected] must be encrypted with PGP
>    Be sure you use the correct PGP key; [email protected]
>    has a different one.
> Problems may be reported to [email protected]
> For more information about Community ConneXion,
>  telnet to c2.org and login as guest, or if you have a WWW browser:
>  http://www.c2.org/