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Re: Data Secrecy Rift

John Markoff writes:
>    In a letter sent to the Vice President last Thursday, eight
>    executives, including James Treybig, chairman of Tandem
>    Computers Inc.; Gil F. Amelio, chairman of the National
>    Semiconductor Corporation; Edward McCracken, chairman of
>    Silicon Graphics Inc.; Eugene Shanks Jr. president of the
>    Bankers Trust New York Corporation, which conducts
>    international electronic commerce, and Stephen T. Walker,
>    chairman of Trusted Information Systems, urged that the
>    Government immediately establish a new standard to control
>    the export of technology that is used to encode
>    communications, so that outsiders cannot tap in.

This doesn't say very much. What sort of "new standard" for crypto export
control did they urge ?  Also, if you'll pardon my naivete, how does TIS
stand to benefit from such restrictions ?

-Futplex <[email protected]>