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Zimmermann wins Chrysler Award

There's a full-page ad on page A9 of today's Wall Street Journal
announcing the winners of the "1995 Chrysler Award of Innovation in
Design."  One of the six winners is Phil Zimmermann.  I quote:

"Philip Zimmermann is the designer of Pretty Good Privacy (PGP), an
E-mail encryption software.  Thanks to the algorithms of PGP, which
was released to the public as free software in 1991, E-mail messages
can be sent securely all over the world without risk of interception
by any third party."

In case you're interested:

"For the past three years, Chrysler Corporation has been honoring
outstanding designers.  By showcasing great innovations in fields such
as graphic, interactive, product, architectural, and environmental
designs, Chrysler strives to bring well-deserved attention to those
designers whose common attribute is a passionate commitment to their

Among the other winners: the hip graphic design group Reverb and
"carceral" architect Frank Gehry.


Dave Mandl
[email protected]