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Re: SSL challenge -- broken !

Even more to the point is my claim on IF about brute forcing
a 40 bit cipher "Cr40".


On Wed, 16 Aug 1995, Jim Gillogly wrote:

> > Hal <[email protected]> writes:
> > I am a little alarmed by the suggestion that this news could have some
> > marked impact on the Netscape stock price.  From our perspective this was
> > certainly an unsurprising result (not to take anything away from Damien
> So far it appears not to have had an effect.  The two web pages I know about
> that track Netscape show it holding steady a point and a half above where it
> opened.  Even the IF market on SSLW doesn't seem to be taking much notice of
> it, despite my attempts at manipulating that market.
> 	Jim Gillogly
> 	Mersday, 24 Wedmath S.R. 1995, 18:06

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