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Re: FBI Files on Clipper Release


Futplex <[email protected]> writes:

<FBI document excerpt obtained through FOIA snipped>


<Directly contrary Senate Judiciary Subcommittee testimony
by Assistant Attorney General Jo Ann Harris also snipped>

>By exactly what mechanism are appointed (hired ?) officials such
>as AAG Harris supposedly accountable to the public ?  

Supposedly, the congressional pur$e-$trings...
[I doubt the "reformers" will exercise this power.]

>Can they be brought up on perjury charges ?  

[I *wish* but...] doubtful, our best hope is the media.

>Just what real legal recourse do we have against lying
>scum in the bureaucracy ?

I have mass-forwarded Dave Banisar's post to all the media
e-mail addresses I have. I suggest that everyone on the list
do this too. [Isn't e-mail wonderful?  :) ] I also e-mailed
the government asking which position was the lie, but I don't
expect a response.

>Are we stuck unless we can get some Congresscritter to cry
>foul on the floor of the House or Senate ?

Yup. I'm afraid our best hope [aside from the media]
is Congressman Trafficant and his ilk.  ;-)


>"you said too much; and what you said, it was a lie" -EMF

When combined with PRZ's award today, I feel this obvious
lie could be a blessing in disguise for us privacy lovers.
I say this in view of the timing of the upcoming political 
season, but everyone here already knows that I only trust
one kind of candidate to tell us the truth.
Now they know why...

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Regards, Jim Ray

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