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Re: SSL challenge -- broken !

>At 04:39 PM 8/16/95 -0500, you wrote:
>>> I haven't seen any news stories about this on the wire
>>> services. Someone would have to write a story about it first before
>>> people would know...
>>I've suggested this to a few reporters I know..
>It's worth suggesting this _carefully_ so the spin's right.
>For instance "Oh, no, Netscape lets Hackers suck all the money
>out of your credit cards" would be bad :-)  On the other hand,
>"The US Government's Evil Plans to block encryption are limiting
>Netscape's export products to an encryption system already broken
>by a French university.  This means you can send credit card numbers
>safely to American web sites, but not to foreign ones - like the
>airline or hotel reservations you were making for your vacation,
>or those Irish handcrafts or bottle of Scotch you were ordering,
>or that Hong Kong magazine you were subscribing to, or the CD from
>that band in Budapest that had the great sound samples out there.
>And when you were donating to that Amazon rainforest conservation
>group, the NSA's arbitrary export rules may have just helped the
>Colombian drug cartels rip off your credit card."

Thats pretty much the spin on page B3 of the WSJ. I'll type it in when I
get the chance.

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