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Re: Non-News Govt Announcement on Key Escrow


Tim May writes:

<beginning snipped>

>any mandatory key escrow system is not only a
>massive infringement on the right of people to speak and communicate as
>they wish, it is also handing the keys to the Surveillance State to the
>likes of Bob Dole, Jesse Helms, Alonse D'Amato, Newt Gingrich, and William

You left out Mr. Perot, who has a pench
nt for investigation [and even
"operations" ] with his own family, business & money, and has not ruled
out another run for the presidency this time.

Imagine this authoritarian statist in charge of the whole alphabet
of U.S. intelligence agencies run by *tax* money...
Chilling! [I would ordinarily make an "all ears" joke now.] <g>


On another subject, NPR announcement confirmed at 6:38AM today.
Key "escrow" with a private company [exact qualifications undefined,
but amenable to service of search warrants] but export of stronger
crypto now permitted. No U.S. key escrow for unexported cryptography
[yet]. <sigh>

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Regards, Jim Ray

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