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   8-17-95. FPeach:

   "Russian 'in $2.8m Citibank computer fraud'."

      Citibank New York fell victim to a $2.8m fraud after a
      Russian computer hacker penetrated the bank's security
      system in Wall Street and removed the money from the
      accounts of corporate clients, it was claimed in a
      London court yesterday. The alleged fraud was carried
      out by a 24 year-old mathematics graduate using a
      computer in his office in St Petersburg, claim the US
      authorities, which are seeking his extradition from the

   8-17-95. NYPaper:

   "Russian Accused of Citibank Computer Fraud."

      A judge set another hearing for Sept. 15 after Mr.
      Levin's lawyer argued that the Government has not shown
      that any computer in the United States was involved.

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