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Re: SSL challenge -- broken !

On 18 Aug 1995, Panzer Boy wrote:

> John Pettitt ([email protected]) wrote:
> : Huh?  So you run on 120 workstations worth how much?  to steal a credit
> : card number worth how much?  Get real - there are hundreds of ways
> : to get credit card numbers that cost less.  
> Has anyone thought about starting up a distributed rc4 cracking web.  
> Send in your message to a web server form, it will then spawn of requests 
> to a pool of machines willing to try cracking rc4 for you.  Allow anyone 
> to offer up spare cycles towards the effort.

I suggested that very thing just yesterday in the list, but my message
seems to have gone awry.  In short, I suggested we use E-Cash payments
for cracking efforts.  This would establish a reward for participating
and an 'exchange rate' for e-cash at the same time.