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Re: Cypherpunks' ideal escrow agent


James Childers <[email protected]> wrote:

>I've seen the idea of voluntary key escrow discussed before on this list. 
>(And no, not the government's idea of "voluntary", either.) A question I 
>would raise is this: What would be the ideal setup for an escrow agency? 
>If I were to open up an agency for business, what would be some 
>characteristics you would look for?

Exactly what the government *doesn't* want, I'm afraid...
I would want them to honor *only* warrants which involve
crimes dealing with at least the possibility of an
individual, articulable victim.

Despite much hot wind about "terrorism" from the FBI to
the contrary, the reason for "GAK" [I liked "FUCKED" better]
is to allow prosecuting the tax-and-spend drug war
to remain possible.

Also, the temptation to ignore any warrant requirement and
screen *political* e-mail if a "minor" political party started
to gain prominence would be nearly overwhelming to any non-angels
with "real-time" decryption capability. Political debates these
days are (obviously) won by sound bite, and advisors want to be
prepared for a sound "byte" such as "tax-and-spend drug war"
[Oops, can't use that one now!] :) flying through cyberspace
toward an opponent, just as Reagan was (supposedly) prepared
for Carter's lines before their debates.
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