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Re: WhiSSLing in the Dark

David R. Conrad wrote:
>>Netscape Encrypted Data Cracked
>>Tokyo, Japan, Aug. 18 (NB) -- ...
>>Many companies working on secure transaction systems hope
>>the much more secure 128-bit code version of the system
>>will be available for export eventually. This is said to
>>be almost unbreakable, requiring a trillion times more
>>processing power to crack than the 40-bit version.  ...
>Notice how the "over a trillion times more" has devolved into simply "a
>trillion times more" -- and we all know that the former statement was a
>gross underestimate, reminiscent of the claim of "over 3 billion
>combinations" on Ideal's packaging for Rubik's cube.
>Of course the real reason the media have standardized on trillian for
>this is that they know it is the biggest number the bulk of their
>audience is familiar with, and that if they said 3e26 or even "three
>times ten to the twenty-sixth power" they would snow most of their
>readers/viewers.  (To be fair, I think the WSJ did say 10^26, with a
>brief explanation of what that meant.  I congratulate them for not
>"talking down" to their readers.)

I talked the guy out of using an analogy with physical key length (the kind
you stick in a door) and he settled on "10^26" rather than a power of 2.
Also, I gave hime the relevant names, e-mail addresses, and URL's, but
didn't have any phone numbers.

BTW, in the "cryptography experts and hackers and mathematicians" as well
as the whole "hacker" slant, smells like an editor.

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