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Re: Where is the key cracking farming software?

| Yep there's lots of versions of the brutessl software, ones I know of
| (in no particular order):
| - Damien Doligez wrote one
| - Andrew Roos wrote on (this is the one we're using for the challenge)
| - Eric Young wrote one
| - I wrote one

| I think we're ready to start another challenge, this one a
| collaborative project like the brute rc4 one.  Just need some
| challenges now (asked Hal about this).

I think it is time this kind of software is outlawed! I mean, it is a 
criminal instrument, and the only good it does is to embarrase good
old well-meaning companies trying to make a profit. Besides, the 
customers should know better than to buy stuff over the net! And Netscape
said AS IS all the time, didn't they?

(Just joking! :-))

But seriously, I wonder how long it will take before bruteXXX programs 
will be classified as "criminal instruments"? As well as real good 
random generators, I guess? (I don't think they will outlaw the XOR
op, so to get rid of one-time-pads they have to go for the random gen...)