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Re: Certificates/Anonymity/Policy/True Names

The certificate gets their messages into systems that demand a
certification, whether for transport or display.

>But this is precisely the issue: what does the *certificate* get any of
>these people that a simple digital signature does not provide?
>On Sat, 19 Aug 1995, Rich Salz wrote:
>> I think there are many people who might be willing to use an
>> "anon CA" should it exist:
>>       Whistleblowers, perhaps Deep Throat would have used email
>>       People writing letters to the editor who don't want to trust
>>               the editor to withhold their info
>>       People who desire anonymyity yet don't want to trust the gov't
>>               to certify their communications as authentic/forged
>>               (Unabomber, Om Shin-rkyo)
>>       Any number of writers who have used psuedonyms and now want to
>>               get paid in ecash; Mark Twain?