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The greater socio-economic good

I came acreossoss this in the july Law UPdate of Phillips Fox,
an Auastralasionan law firm. This edition was entitled 'Your money
or your E-cash', and hasd a section entitled 'Privacy' which said/says:

At the moment, your cahsh transactions cannot be recorded in the same
way as your cheque, credit cards or Eftpos spending. This means that
your cash spending cannot be readily traced, checked, investigated or
analysed. The big excitement for banks, marketing consultants and
governments is being able to do all these things. On the other hand, toatally
untraceable e-cash will enable huge amounts of money to be moved (laundered)
outside the bankiongng systyeem. Consumers will need to make a 
decision whether they want untraceable e-cash, or to contribute to the
greater socio-economic good.

I think they're being serious?