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Re: NSA into antigravity?

(No, I see no relevance for "coding in C," but even critics of "off-topic"
posts have commented on this, so I will too, especially as how physics was
my old career and in 1974 I interviewed with a Santa Barbara company doing
ICBM geogravitic trajectory work.)

At 5:50 PM 8/20/95, Sandy Sandfort wrote:

>I can see why the folks at Ft. Meade would be hinkie about such
>measurements being made around them.  No need to hypothisize
>micro-singularities or anti-gravity experiments.  Occam's Razor
>in action.

I can't. At least not with regard to microgravity measurements. If you mean
missile trajectory  stuff, this is extremely implausible. A missile
targetted at Fort Meade is not going to be deflected by more than a few
centimeters (if that much) by nearby variations...the missile is moving
very fast and there's little "integration time" for slight errors in
trajectory to build up. (Also, but related to this, the closing trajectory
is near vertical, so it's doubly hard to imagine local g-field anomalies
affecting the point of impact.)

As to what the folks were doing with their equipment, I have no idea. Maybe
measuring water tables in and around the Chesapeake Bay (only a few miles
from the Fort). The NSA people probably were upset with the equipment
itself, not the idea that Meade was being more precisely targetted for

--Tim May

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