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A glance at the future of missing child identification


We all read the stories. "Infant stolen from crib in Hospital", "Thousands
of children abducted every year". Many parents would jump at the anything
that might increase the chance of recovering their children should they be
abducted. Just take a look at lines during "Child Fingerprint Days" at you
local mall.

The solution? Transponder implants at birth. Modern transponders can be
injected into an infant where they grow into the tissue, unable to be
removed without major surgery. If schools make implants a requirenment,
such as vaccinations are today, children can be routinely scanned when
entering kindergarden. Later in life, the same transponders can be used to
verify legal age for obtaining a driver license or purchasing alcohol. 
The transpoders also provide ID for the ATMs and credit card termials of
the future. No criminal can loot your account. You can leave the ATM card
at home. How convenient! 

How do you prevent the dead from voting? Simple. One transponder, one vote.

Even better, childmolesters, individuals out on bail or parole, and other
"security risks" can be similarily tagged to prevent escape from US
jurisdiction.  A combination metal detector/scanner for airport and border
use is just one of the obvious ideas to increase the value of this

For an example of such a transponder see

I predict that you will see the first such implants in children within
five years. An enterprising Cypherpunk who has become disillusiond that
the statists can be stopped could make a fortune by offering a "Children's
Safety Identification Service." 

Any idea if offering such a service would require an M.D. or only a R.N.?
Perhaps even a cosmetology licesnse would suffice, since "body piercers"
do similar insertions every day.

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