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Re: CoS Raid on "Copyright Terrorist"

On Tue, 15 Aug 1995, Mike McNally wrote:

> Ray Cromwell writes:
>  > Nowadays, a $10-20/mo maildrop at places like "Mailboxes, Etc" works fine.
> Mailboxes Etc. insists on getting a picture ID; at least they did last
> time I checked.  Some smaller mom&pop places will take a business card
> (time to break out your Jim Rockford Business Card Fabrication Kit).

Please, all you need is to go down to a computer time rental place that 
has a color scanner and a color printer and you can print any ID you like.
Take a picture of you, scan it in, bring it to a word processor or 
publisher program, write some text next to it like "Anon Y. Mouse Inc.
Joe Sixpack, Vice President of Operations, DOB: 4/1/69" print it, cut the
edges to make it look round, and get it laminated.  Instant I.D.

Worth as much as used toilet paper when it comes to your True Name.

I can do half the operation right now on my home machine.  Just have to 
get the camcorder out and hook it up to the video capture card to get the 
picture, then take it into Publish It Easy, write the text and put the 
picture next to it.  Only thing I'm missing is a color inkjet printer and 
a small laminator, but I can print to a poscript file, take the file to 
Kinko's or wherever and print it there, buy a laminator for $40 and I'm set.

Hell, another $200 and I can get a decent color printer too.

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