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Re: RealAudio website temporary password

At 6:00 AM 8/21/95, Anonymous wrote:
>Oops.  Thank you for changing the password.  Shall we not use writecode
>unless the site does not allow "cypherpunks" as the password?  I get it

Hey, this business of signing up the "Cypherpunks" list for a bunch of
specialized services is getting old.

As guerilla ontology, it's fine. The problem is that all of these messages
about what the official, public password is are cluttering up the mail here
"writecode" is not my idea of an obvious public password).

And some of these public sign-ups generate reflecting messages back to the
list. In terms of scaling, this sucks.

And what's being accomplished?

(I confess that when I first saw this announcement that we had been signed
up with the name "cypherpu" and the temporary passphrase
"Toledo.Francisco," I immediately registered under a different set of
names. Now I see that Lucky Green has done the same thing. Hmhhhh, which
one came first and is recognized by them?)

--Tim May

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