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Re: Basically F-C-ed

I don't find it too hard to believe that the Dutch would make a test like 
this.  Security at Schipol can be pretty intense.  I find it a little 
harder to believe that they would goof and let the bomb-oid get away, but 
mistakes happen.  What I find difficult to swallow is that they would 
*tear* the man's luggage to insert the article.

In my experience, the Dutch are almost obsessively careful in taking care 
of their own property and that of others.



On Mon, 21 Aug 1995, Anonymous wrote:

> FBI Probing Planted Explosive
> Orlando, Fla., August 20 (AP) -- Two explosives were
> planted in a professor's suitcase to test airport
> security measures in Amsterdam, The Netherlands, and were
> discovered when he arrived in Orlando, officials said
> Saturday.
> The professor, Paul Holloway of the University of
> Florida, arrived at Orlando International Airport on
> Friday afternoon and found his suitcase had been torn,
> said Brian Kensel, a special agent with the FBI in Tampa.
> He alerted Northwest Airlines security officials who
> emptied his bag and found the two devices. No detonators
> or fuses were with the materials, posing no danger to
> passengers, Kensel said.