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Basically F-C-ed

FBI Probing Planted Explosive

Orlando, Fla., August 20 (AP) -- Two explosives were
planted in a professor's suitcase to test airport
security measures in Amsterdam, The Netherlands, and were
discovered when he arrived in Orlando, officials said

The professor, Paul Holloway of the University of
Florida, arrived at Orlando International Airport on
Friday afternoon and found his suitcase had been torn,
said Brian Kensel, a special agent with the FBI in Tampa.

He alerted Northwest Airlines security officials who
emptied his bag and found the two devices. No detonators
or fuses were with the materials, posing no danger to
passengers, Kensel said.

"We were satisfied that he was unaware of its presence
before it was found at the airport," he added.

Holloway had been attending a professional conference in
Finland and had traveled through Detroit, Michigan,
before arriving in Orlando, Kensel said.

He had stopped in Amsterdam on the way, and that was
where the device was placed, said Kathleen Bergen,
spokeswoman with the Federal Aviation Administration in

"It was part of a test," she said. "Basically the bag was
inadvertently loaded on board with the explosives still

Kensel said such security measures were normal for

"Particularly in Europe, there are grave concerns about
security issues," he said. "As a result, they do conduct
various security programs regularly. This was part of a
routine check of their own security systems.

"The bag got away from them basically," he said.