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Re: Basically F-C-ed

I'm not sure this has much to do with crypto any more...


Marcel van der Peijl writes:
> My $0.02 on the 'strict security' on Schiphol (first one to cash in 
> gets it) based upon personal experience:
> American airlines (Northwest, United) have very strict security when 
> departing from Schiphol. Interviews, men with rifles, queries on who 
> packed your luggae, etc. But all the crap I drag around (200+ kilo's of 
> exhibition equipment full of custom built hardware, large batteries, 
> transformers etc) has never been opened.
> However, you should try flying a different airline: KLM, Lufthansa, etc.
> No interviews, no guns, just friendly people.
> // Marcel van der Peijl, DigiCash bv, http://www.digicash.com/~bigmac/
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> 6s3VPOknMsxX6gckPyMn5pTcxZSUvidM8tDgBQYJ1/mvUX0btKmF3yuQgRCSik15
> EXr67l4ronGhdnuPNhuW8cBkDuHcFSX1zLMJasUaMmul7wA79+myPl1/HBRHSdku
> xEgBBpPAU6yZn9wp1lyDpRVcGh7Hkez5HMwItWcVXKcu9EDLauSMx5yvb5XKb3R6
> 7vPD6IwSY9nXc9bLRm+PAdZatnDwBJCBAqGhoQ==