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Re: NEXT CHALLENGE: plan of action?

> I read on Saturday Ian Goldbergs post about starting out on the
> challenge using Damiens code.
> It doesn't matter a great deal which code is used as such, but the
> main thing is to ensure that this is a coordinated effort.  The aim of
> the challenge (which I requested and Hal kindly provided just before
> popping off for a week or so's holiday) was to see how fast a SSL
> challenge could be broken.  Not how *soon*, note the distinction.
> That means that if for instance we count the time that Ian has been
> clocking up since Saturday, the real time will be slowed by approx 2
> days.  We really need to do this with a starting-line like affair, so
> that someone is running a server, and everyone gets the code compiled
> etc, and then the server starts offering the challenge and all the
> clients fire off.
> That way we have a less straggly start up which makes for better
> bruteing figures.
> Agreed so far?

Sorry I missed the fast/soon distinction.  I've stopped the search after
searching keys starting with 0xaf down to 0xa5, and will join the group
search after I get settled in after moving to Berkeley tomorrow.  I
encourage the people who pointed their clients at me (thanks!) to stop
them, and to join the group.

In the interests of not adding a few days to the time, we should ignore
the fact that a bit of the keyspace has already been searched, and
start again.

   - Ian "On your marks, get set, ..."