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Re: Netscape security

>From: [email protected] (Alex Tang)
>It seems that one of the problems with Damien's
>cracking job was that it  was "not sanctioned".

Actually, INRIA's PR people are quite pleased with the publicity.
They asked me to prepare an official press release to counteract the
Wall Street Journal's "evil hacker" story, which was unfortunately
reprinted by some papers.  The Herald Tribune is particularly bad in
this respect.

If some media insist on this "evil hacker" thing, they will look
more ridiculous than anything else (I hope).

The press release will be out as soon as it gets through the red tape
(the official opinion of a French administration is not something to
be taken lightly, even though it's mostly facts :-)  I'll put it on my
web page when it's official (which is likely to be too late).

-- Damien