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Re: Third World Man

On Mon, 21 Aug 1995, Peter Trei wrote:

> > The US is slipping into the second world as we
> > speak, with no signs of a turnaround ahead.  Only the sheer size of
> > the economy keeps people from believing it. 
> Just a nomenclature peeve - I'm not sure of the precise time and 
> place the (first|second|third) world meme originated, but it seems to
> predate 1970, and until very recently it's meaning was clear:
> First world: Western (and Westernized) nations - mainly the US, Canada, Western Europe, 
> Japan, Australia, & New Zealand
> Second world: Communist bloc (I can still remember the Cultural 
> Revolution. Prior to that, the Communists seemed a monolithic force, 
> marching in lockstep.)
> Third world: The rest, mostly poor nations. 

Erm, nope.  The "First World" (or old world) was Europe and Asia; the "New 
World" (not frequently referrred to as the second world, but hey...)  The 
third world was the developing nations.  THAT (as far as I was taught in 
history class, so it MIGHT be a lie...) was how the terms originated...

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