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Re: Third World Man

At 11:50 PM 8/22/95, MONTY HARDER wrote:
>TC> When a certain character in a television show referred to "Third World
>TC> mutants," he was also referring to "your basic brown types." (His words,
>TC> not mine. Ten credits to anyone who can identify the t.v. show and the
>TC> character.)
>  "Hill Street Blues", Lt. Howard Hunter.


Two other people said "Archie Bunker"/"All in the Family." A good guess,
but it was indeed Howard.

>TC> The term "Fourth World" has in the last 20 years come to refer to the
>TC> countries which are so impoverished as to be almost hopeless. Bangla Desh
>TC> is the canonical Fourth World nation.
>  Cyberia is the "Fifth World", akin to the "Fifth Dimension". Let the
>sun shine....

The dawning of the age of Aquarius?

--Tim May

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