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C$ prize for bruting Hal's next challenge?

It has been suggested to me that we might like to add a fun incentive
to the bruting of Hal's 2nd SSL challenge as posted to cypherpunks on
Aug 19th.

To this end we need some c$ for the pot!

I'll be collecting donations for the pot and vouch that every c$ cent
handed over will be handed to the person who hits the key.

The only reciever of the jackpot for hitting the key, will be
encouraged to cash it in on the ecm mailing list / ecash market WWW

	[email protected], http://www.c2.org/~mark/ecash/ecash.html

so that currency is not taken out of circulation, and to help boost
the flow of c$ for the ecash market, as there appears to be a shortage
of e$ sellers.

For info on joining in the lottery for a chance to win your c$ back
and then some, or just to win other peoples c$, take a look at:


The challenge has not started yet, that will probably not be for a day
or two yet, so you've got time to get the software, check that it
works etc.

Then stand by... for "the ready, steady, go!".

The reason for the start line affair is that for demonstrational
reasons this attempt is designed to show how quickly a Netscape SSL
session can be cracked.

There is a WWW interface to getting key space for those behind
firewalls or without direct IP.

I hereby donate c$ 50 to the pot, mail me your c$.  (It won't be a
good idea if you post your c$ to the lists, as the first person to
cash it gets it, you need to do it in private email, PGP it even).  To
generate your payment either save it to a file, or email directly to
me via the digicash client, click on the icon which looks like a note
(is that what it's supposed to be? the one next to the bank symbol),
then choose to send via file / email toggle make payment, enter the
amount (leave the shop account ID blank, give a payment description if
you like).


[btw is there still something wrong with toad.com? traffic seems
exceptionally light...]