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Pointer to InfoWeek article: "Internet Thieves"

The current online issue of InformationWeek contains an article about
new threats to data security.  Nothing in the article should be new to
most Cypherpunks readers, but those who are interested can find the
article at: 


To its credit, IW has no obnoxious registration procedure; just click
and read.  Here's a sample:


Trade in black-market data is a growing problem for business.  What, if
anything, can be done?

By Clinton Wilder and Bob Violino (Issue date: August 28, 1995)

The new frontier of cyberspace represents vast opportunities for
innovation, entrepreneurship, and profit-making. But there is also a
dark side to the online world, one that poses a worrisome threat to the
security of corporations.  The Internet has spawned an illegal market
in which thieves use the latest Net software tools to trade stolen
information, including corporate trade secrets.

Martin Janzen           [email protected]