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Re: Linux brutessl client

> the perl code doesn't seem to work quite right for me though, giving 
> errors when i try to use more than one option at a time, ie.
> Identifier "main::dkltrc4" used only once: possible typo.

Sorry about that ....

I discovered that there was a problem with "require" under perl 5.001
(if one does a require on getopts.pl, the perl CRASHES with some flag
combinations) so I inlined getopts.pl, and changed the comments, but left
the first part of the sentance -- the "if you have no getopts" was omitted.

SO: in brief do *NOT* add the "s" flag to the first line of brclient !

There are new versions of brloop and brclient which might cope better with
problems with the transatlantic link -- you should use brc0.09 and brl0.03

> anyway, i'm not sure i'll be participating this time as i won't be around 
> too much.

All the better -- your machine will have more cycles for CRACKing !
The purpose of SKSP is to make it work when you are not in ...

There is a "how to" page referenced from http://www.brute.cl.cam.ac.uk/brute/
which includes some "fault finding" tips.
If you have problems, look there first.
If that doesn't help, email me, and I'll add any "common" problems to the
"how to".