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Re: Subject: ANNOUNCE: 2nd SSL challenge - we need your compute!

> I have a working version of BruteSSL 1.02 (without SKSP client) for
> Power Macintosh. However, as I don't want to run the risk of
> violating ITAR, I'm still investigating ways of making it
> available. Suggestions are welcome.

Just send it along... several people have been shipping various DOS
binaries out of the US, with out the source.

The presumption taken was that as long as they didn't ship search.c or
assembly.c, there is no crypto source, and the binary could not be
used to encrypt anything.  (Also it's for SSL with 40 bit keys which
is export approved anyway).

You can ship a diff for brutessl.c (which contains no crypto code) if
you want the mods to be mixed back in (please include some kind of
#ifdef __MAC or whatever the standard _i_am_a_mac macro is).  Or if
that makes you uncomfortable, well we'll do with out the source.

Reckon you'd be safe enough.

Anyone think otherwise?