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   The New York Observer [NYC weekly], August 28, 1995.

   "Off The Grid: Non-Slaves of New York. 'Sovereign
   citizenship' isn't just for the power line-tapping,
   compound-dwelling white supremacists anymore. A guide to
   getting The System off your back, New York-style."

      They do not run around in military fatigues, they are
      not holed up in Central Park, and for the most part,
      they do not fall into the fringes of the extreme right
      or the extreme left. Yet here they are, in the center of
      the Center, going about their daily lives with nary an
      A.T.M. or credit card in their name, without a Social
      Security or voter registration card, without insurance
      or bank accounts and driving with licenses they
      themselves have rescinded. And one more thing: They do
      not pay any income taxes.

      What was made clear by Oklahoma City and Waco and
      Ruby Ridge, Idaho, and by Ross Perot and the Unabomber
      and most recently, Bill Bradley, is that dissatisfaction
      with "the system" is pervasive in this country. Living
      off the grid is the most personal way of expressing that

      But, says Sharon Biggs, who teaches a three-phase, 40
      week course out of her Washington Heights home on how to
      successfully remove oneself from the system, "the
      complexion is no longer that of the wronged individual
      or visionary. It has moved into the mainstream -- people
      who suspect that there is something wrong."

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