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Re: Subject: ANNOUNCE: 2nd SSL challenge - we need your compute!

At 03:16 PM 8/23/95 +0100, [email protected] wrote:
>[a copy of final announce, start time 18:00 GMT, tomorrow (Thu), as
>posted to a list of USENET groups]

Is that really 1800 GMT or 1800 BST?  1400 or 1300 hrs EDT?

I'm ready to hurl my 7800 keys/sec 486/66 into the fray.  I should be able
to do about 24 segments over 12 hours tonight using brutessl.exe 1.02 for
DOS.  Maybe I should have been in line at Midnight to get WIN/95 so I could
run it automatically.

The 32-bit Windows version does *not* work with my old Windows 3.11 even
with the latest Microsoft 32-bit add in.


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