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SSL CHALLENGE: 3 hours to go...

The start time for the kick off on the race to crack Hal's 2nd
challenge is fast approaching...

	18:00 GMT

That's only a little over 3 hours away.  Please start your brloop
clients if you have not already.  Chuck in any net connected unix
boxes, never mind how old or slow, they'll still help.  Be ready with
the WWW interface at 18:00 GMT if you don't have direct IP.  The
client runs the brute forcer at nice -20, so it shouldn't interfere
with users.

All code, and step by step instructions for setup on:

or	ftp://ftp.brute.cl.cam.ac.uk/pub/brute/

Binaries available for DOS, Windows 95/NT, generic C code for unix &
others.  Please run the socket code if you can, it'll provide best
utilisation, and least work for you.

May the race being...

The c$ prize fund has reached c$ 342.30, and the more compute you
personally contribute the greater chance you have of winning it :-)