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Re: server congestion

Christian Wettergren:
>is if we start allocating more blocks at a time, lets
>say 2-4 blocks each time. Wouldn't that help?
Heh heh heh
Somebody should tell that to the guy who's pulling them down 500 at a time.
I have to settle for 32 x 7 at a time, in order to manage runtime at 9 hours.
And the clever thing is, I have to stay connected to all 7 machines in order
to keep running.
Good thing there's an incremental notice, so I can restart if I lose carrier.
You know, this is really fun. Too bad the prize isn't something really cool,
like a free wastebasket in case Windoze 95 comes my way...
Sorry, just felt like it was my turn to babble...