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Re: SSL CHALLENGE: ALERT! probable misallocation of keys?

I've been looking at the allocated list of keys, and I notice a possible 
problem:  One user has allocated 50,000 segements:

0c2b-cf7a NOACK 0c2b 50000 Joe Thomas <[email protected]>

Now, it's possible this fellow has some vast farm of high-speed 
workstations, but I doubt it.  Finger suggests that this is a linux
box.  My suspicion - and let me apologize in advance if I'm wrong - is
that Mr. Thomas thinks he's allocated himself
50,000 keys, whereas he's actually got  838,860,800,000.

Mr Thomas, if you're listening, PLEASE tell us what's going on.
You've reserved 3/4 of the keyspace, and you're going to screw up the 
search unless you have an NSA-sized data center.

I suggest we assume this is an error, and remove the block from the
reserved list so that it can be re-allocated.

Peter Trei
Senior Software Engineer
Purveyor Development Team                                
Process Software Corporation
[email protected]