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Re: Subject: ANNOUNCE: 2nd SSL challenge - we need your compute!

Duncan Frissell <[email protected]> writes on cpunks:
> Is that really 1800 GMT or 1800 BST?  1400 or 1300 hrs EDT?

Yep really 18:00 GMT, ie slightly over 2 hours from now approx.

> I'm ready to hurl my 7800 keys/sec 486/66 into the fray.  I should be able
> to do about 24 segments over 12 hours tonight using brutessl.exe 1.02 for
> DOS.  Maybe I should have been in line at Midnight to get WIN/95 so I could
> run it automatically.
> The 32-bit Windows version does *not* work with my old Windows 3.11 even
> with the latest Microsoft 32-bit add in.

Yep, getting a decent 32 bit app for windows / DOS seems to be a
problem alright.  Pity as the 32 bit app runs appreciably faster.

I made a plea for a DJGCC (DOS port of GNU cc) compiled binary, that
would run under bog standard DOS, and with full 32 bit, if we can find
anyone with the software to do it.  Any takers?

The prize fund has grown to c$ 372.30.

Ready, steady, go!