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Re: brloop not working

> I just dont seem to get brloop working.

The server is being HAMMERED again ....

There appears to be a failure mode whereby when busy, clients call up,
say "HELO", then "QUIT" :-((

This adds to the hammering :-((

> It says:
> Command failed -- brutessl missing ?
> what seems to be wrong is that it tries to execute command:
> brutessl -

The code expects brclient to return one line which is the comamnd line flags
for brutessl, followed by the config data.

As brclient is failing, brutessl is being called without the expected args :-(

> although brutessl does not have a command line option '-'. Why is the '-'
> there after brutessl ?

The first arg of brutessl is the file from which to read the config info.
"-" is a unix convention for the file "stdin".

SO: go grab brclient 0.12 which has a more efficient "-L" flag.
    go read http://www.brute.cl.cam.ac.uk/brute/how2run.html
	in particular, create .brloop.rc containing

		BRNAME="Jyri Kaljundi"
		BRID="[email protected]"

	which will stop it checking the commands, set the ID, etc ...
	[[ NB: Other users should change BRNAME and BRID !! ]]