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Linux fix was Re: brloop not working

On Thu, 24 Aug 1995, Tom Gillman wrote:

> Use 'nice -20 brutessl -- -' instead. The '--' tells getopts() not to parse
> anything else as arguments, then the next '-' will be interpreted correctly.

I made the change, and while it still chokes when you call brutessl 
without keys (a feature, right?), it DOES work when you get a valid keyspace.

So Linux people might want to change the command in brloop if you are 
getting the same problems I was:

#:10: the actual command to do the work ....
cmd="${cmd-$brclient -dklLt$type|(read a;nice -20 $brute$type -- - \$a)|(read a;

[Huh, like, I wrote more code ;]