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Crypto DLL's/SSLeay 0.4.5

Just in case people are interested, I've put the most recent version of 
my SSL (SSLeay) library up on ftp://ftp.psy.uq.oz.au/pub/Crypto/SSL/

The big differece with this realease is that it builds under Windows 3.1.
The DLL's for the libraries are there as well as the ported demo programs.
I've used Borland C 4.0 and the .IDE file plus source code are in the 

The DLL's contain routines for MD2, MD5, RC4, DES (every mode you could 
want :-), IDEA, RSA, SSL and all the X509 etc stuff that is part of life 
with SSL.  The library even compiled under MSDOS :-).

Since my code base will always be unix first, the code is not optimised 
for 16bit and probably never will be, but still, the algorithms work and 
the code is free for comercial and non-comercial use.  The applications 
need work to make them nice under Windows, but hell, I'm only writing a 
library :-).

On the PGPphone issue, I Personally I feel SSLphone would be a much 
better way of doing things.  If some-one has a 'voice' over modem program 
already, they should be able to slip SSL into it in only a few days.
For phone over modem, authentication is not really required and what 
exists in my library is everything required for the encryption side of 

those URL's again

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