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Re: server congestion?

> Couldn't one take advantage of the 50.000 mistake, by
> setting up a second server for that space.

The design of the prtotocol assumes a hierarchy -- maybe in the next attempt.

Static partitioning would be possible (e.g. 0000-7ffff and 8000-ffff)
but there are problems with acking to the right server, deciding which to
contact, etc.

> I guess things will screw up when the first server reaches 
> FFFF, as indicated earlier.


> What would be nice is if one could divide up the key
> between servers also.

Hierarchy or static ?

> Another thing that might decrease the load on the server
> is if we start allocating more blocks at a time, lets
> say 2-4 blocks each time. Wouldn't that help?

I think most of the load is "HELO COMM QUIT" clients.
Yes -- we had thought of upping the allocation ....