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Re: SSL Challenge: Server problems

> I can't contact the server to request keyspace anymore - I get a 
> '500 Server error'

I take that to mean "the WWW server" ...

Well, it appears that the congestion has overcome it too !
Seems that cypherpunks hammer it even harder than its usual hight traffic on
I think it's just been running out of process, etc ...
It's working OK for me now ...

> It looks like 12 hours on a P5/90 are going to waste (could have done
> 90 segments)

Try again ....

BTW: I tracked down the (well, at least one) cause of the "HELO COMM QUIT"
     sessions ... brclient 0.14 and brloop 0.5 should fix it. 
     If brloop is running, leave it ASIS (if it passes the "L" flag to
     brclient that is), but replace the brclient script. When the running
     brutessl finishes, the next one will use the new brclient.

     Could everyone who's around make this update to reduce the congestion ?