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Re: Auto-pgp for pine/elm/tin


My thanks to Henry for a glowing recommendation of my product.  Just a few

Henry W. Farkas <[email protected]> wrote:

> Yes, it exists, and I'm using it now.  I've tried competing products and 
> found this to be the cleanest, smoothest and easiest to install.  I have 
> no personal, commercial or financial interest in this product.   It does 
> "auto-pgp" for pine, elm and tin.  

"Bryce's Auto-PGP", or "BAP", is an sh script, so it can be integrated with
most Unix programs.  Pine, Elm, trn, mh are the only programs that I have
personally run it with.  (Unless you count "finger" and "cat"...)

>  ***********************************************************************
>  *  BAP v.1.01                                                         *

The current version is BAP v1.0beta in second beta-test.  I'm pretty much 
just waiting on reports from the second batch of beta-testers and then 
I'll call it 1.0 and send it out to those who requested the first non-beta 

>  *  URL: <http://cs.colorado.edu/~wilcoxb/home.html>                   *

I have no working WWW page at the moment.  When I release bap v1.0 I will
have a page at http://ucsu.colorado.edu/~wilcoxb/bap.html and possibly at
other sites.

> I also found the author responsive to my comments and suggestions.
> Just please do *-NOT-* put your pass phrase in a cleartext file!

BAP gives the user the option of putting her passphrase in a temporary
cleartext file.  This is to help people who can't input the passphrase
manually because their mail program is stingy with stdin.  Putting your
pasphrase in a temporary cleartext file isn't a good idea, but it is usually
a better idea than putting it in an environment variable like PGPPASS.  (Ref:
Derek Atkins "appnote.txt" which comes with PGP 2.6 distributions.)

I'm looking forward to the first general release of BAP.


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Version: 2.6.2
Comment: Auto-signed with Bryce's Auto-PGP v1.0beta