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Re: SSL Challenge: some thoughts on the process.

At 06:24 PM 8/24/95 -6, Peter Trei wrote:

>3. Start time was a little ragged - 1800 GMT was named, but the server 
>seemed to come up at 2PM east coast time, which is (I think) 1900 GMT. I 
>think that if we selected 8AM west coast time (1600 GMT?) more people 
>would come online more quickly.

1400 EDT=1800 GMT.  This is because GMT=\BST.  GMT always stays the same and
does not become British Summer Time (or whatever it is Brussels is making
the UK call its time zone these days).

Another general problem though is that Monday is August Bank Holiday in the
UK.  That might further delay UK office-based result reporting.  Start
day-of-the-week should be something like Tuesday.


"When one has a peer-to-peer network, it means that 'all Nodes are created
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