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All about Bernstein


I'm the guy who authored an upcoming piece about Bernstein's law suit 
with the state department for WIRED. WIRED loves the piece but, in the 
style of popular mags, wants more personal stuff on Bernstein, who is 
super articulate about the science and law of crypto but super shy about 
his heroic self. (Guy wouldn't even disclose his age! Had to threaten to 
throw myself in front of a bus to get him to tell me he's from Long 
Island!) Editor thinks guy comes across as a ghost, not surpisingly. . .

One fellow from the list, following up an appeal I made here for Friends
of Bernstein to call me and tell me about the litigant's best qualities,
I'd appreciate greatly hearing from again. He called when I'd pretty much 
passed deadline for manuscript delivery. I'm calling Dan again, but after 
one trip to Delphi, I dunno if the responses from the Oracle will be any 
more forthcoming.

Thanks and regards to all,

Peter Cassidy