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Re: SSL Challenge: Are we in trouble?

> Well, the server appears to be unable to serve cgi scripts - I get 
> '500 - server error' whenever I try. I cannot report the ~500 segments
> I swept overnight, nor get new keyspace.
But what also is realy anoying, when I get through I only get 3 keyspaces,
even though I request 16.  I can understand the limit probably caused
by the guy yesterday who requested 50000 keyspaces 1f-something to
ce-something, but I think 3 is way to low.

> I thing it's gotten to the point where the server is the bottleneck on 
> this operation - we seem to have plenty of cpu for sweeps. This will
> damage our primary goal - to demonstrate how fast 40 bits can be
> swept.
I and a coworker have 4 pentiums (not much compared to some of you) but they
are idleing most of the time...

> Piete, Adam, could you put a note on the /bute/ root page describing the
> server status?
Yeah.. whats up?


Magnus Logi Magnusson
System programmer, State and Municipal Data processing center, Iceland
E-mail: [email protected] & [email protected]