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ADMIN: You might not be on the list anymore!

  I want to warn you folks about how the list is run, just so you
don't think that evil is a foot on toad.com.
  Recently the bounce messages for cypherpunks got to be over 80 megs
large, largely due to my being busy.  When I went to clean them and
the offending messages out (only 38 addresses needed to be culled) I
found a lot of bounces from the likes of AOL and MCI that were "user
XXX's mail box is full..." bounces.
  In the past I tryed to ignore these message as it was clear that the
mail boxes would get emptyed at some point.  Now I have seen these
messages from the same address for weeks, and combined with the number
of hours it takes to cull this crud from the list has pushed me into a
new policy.
  I am now deleteing (allmost) all addresses from the list that
generate bounce messages.  If you stop getting cypherpunks email the
FIRST thing to do is ask the [email protected] mailbot if you are
still on the list, this might looks like:

	To: [email protected]
	--text follows this line--
	which [email protected]

  If you are NOT on the list, just subscribe again and leave it at
that.  Please note that many of the bounce messages came from email to
(local) news group gateways, and while I try to send warning mesages,
it would be better if folks maintaining such gateways made sure that
bounce messages went to the local maintainers insted of me.

  Enjoy the list, and keep it on topic folks!

		||ugh Daniel
		Majordomo Potty Trainer
		[email protected]